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Over the summer, I made an attempt to try something new. Now, it wasn’t “geeky” as I’ve said I wanted to do as a resolution, however, it was quite different than what I would normally try, so I thought it was definitely worth sharing.

That’s right folks, it’s GOLF!

My partner has been golfing since he was young. Last year, he went out golfing a few times with his friends, while I was left at home. Now it’s not his fault that I was left behind, but a part of me felt like this poor little kid that wanted to play in the tree house but wasn’t invited. So back in June, I asked to join my partner at the driving range so that I can give it a try and see if I would like it.

First time on the driving range was frustrating. Swinging this iron rod at a small white ball seemed so darn pointless, if you can hit it at all, that is…and I wasn’t hitting. I was simply swinging at air.

I decided that I wasn’t going to give up, I was going to learn how to hit this stupid white ball with a stick, so I went back to the driving range a second time. Second time around, I had a little more success, for every 7 empty swings I was hitting 1, but this 1 wasn’t going anywhere beyond about 15 yards…nevertheless, having “improved” made me more determined to want to get better.

3rd and 4th time on the driving range, again with just a little more success. However, as an individual with selective ADD, I quickly found that standing in one spot and hitting balls became boring very quickly. I declared my boredom to my partner, and he suggested that we’d try an easy 9 holes next time.

And so we did. The Brae Ben Academy 9-hole par 3 course was my very first experience with the actual game of golf. My score was at an embarrassing 68 points, yet, it was so exciting! How silly is that??? I wanted to do it again.

So for the past 2 months, I’ve gone out on the course 6 times.3 9-holes and 3 18-holes. Until this week, I was using a loaner set of clubs. I decided that I loved this game so much that I actually plopped down a good chunk of change for my own set of clubs by Orlimar.

I now understand why golfers are in love with this game. It’s frustrating, challenging, yet, for some odd reason, the minute you hit a good shot, we get all excited, so you can’t help but to want to do it again. I have to admit, I have been bitten, I’m happy, but angry at the same time. I’m angry because it’s bloody addictive, and I loose so many balls…I have to go buy more balls.

Christmas is coming up guys, so you know what you can get me, balls and tees!


On Friday, July 23, 2010, I had the pleasure of attending the Nokia N97minitour finale party at the Academy of Spherical Arts, and it was fantastic.

The party itself wasn’t your typical glamour, dance, getting piss drunk kind of party, but it was a friendly, intimate, non-intimidating form of getting to know new people, and getting to know more about technology. I made my new year resolution 7 months ago to be just a little more geeky, and I have not steer astray from my goal, I just haven’t had the time to blog about it, since I’ve been so busy with things. But this one I had to blog about, and I think this event definitely contributed to my goal.

Now I don’t claim to know everything about phones, in fact, I know a lot of nothing about phones, and you would think that by attending a party that is completely dedicated to phones would be a total turn off, heck, how does a girl not stick out like a sore thumb and seem like a dumb chick. But this was definitely not like what I had expected. Everyone was friendly, lots to drink, amazing finger foods (hmmmm, mini beef wellington, my lust for it since watching Hells Kitchen was finally satisfied), and I even went home with some pretty awesomely cool Nokia swag (who wouldn’t want a cute phone charm)!

Thanks to my good friend Andrew Currie, who was part of the N97 Minitour itself, I wouldn’t have otherwise known about this event. Knowing he was going to be there for the event, I attended the finale party with gusto and met a bunch of wonderful people, I might even add that at one point during the night, I even abandoned my friend in order to chat it up with other very lovely individuals.

It was great to meet (twitter handles) @Whatleydude @SimonLR @Serosity and a few other fine folks as well. @acurrie being your friend seriously rocks!

Here’s the thing, it’s perfectly fine not to know a darn thing about phones because the point of these events is to promote and educate the everyday folks myself to know a little more about these fine little machines. You’re there to learn and touch and play with the phones, and what a fine piece of technology the Nokia N97 mini it is!

Most people I know wants to start their New Year off on the right foot, with resolutions such as “I want to loose some weight”, or “I want to quit smoking”. I too have the same resolutions, for example, my resolution is to actually start blogging, and make use of my own website, perhaps get adventurous and eventually move my site to and self host out of, I figure since I’m already paying for, then I ought to really make use of it instead of letting it just sit there and collect cyber dust.

So far, I guess if you’re a resolutions type of person, then you’d say I’ve started off my New Year totally on the wrong foot. For starters, I drank more booze in one weekend (first weekend of the New Year, might I add) than the month of December 09′ alone. I’ve never been much of a drinker in my early days of post secondary school, but I guess I’m a late bloomer. Recently, I’ve developed a liking to few great glasses of wine or a few pints of smooth delicious beer (or some Soho with gingerale) mind you, not to the point where I’m totally trashed that I end up puking and punching the ceiling tiles beliving that I’m one of the Super Mario Bros., but enough to give me a very happy buzz.

So is this a New Year off on the wrong foot? Maybe, maybe not.  One thing I do know, I would really like another glass of wine.


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