Sandy Chen

New Addiction

Posted on: October 17, 2010

Over the summer, I made an attempt to try something new. Now, it wasn’t “geeky” as I’ve said I wanted to do as a resolution, however, it was quite different than what I would normally try, so I thought it was definitely worth sharing.

That’s right folks, it’s GOLF!

My partner has been golfing since he was young. Last year, he went out golfing a few times with his friends, while I was left at home. Now it’s not his fault that I was left behind, but a part of me felt like this poor little kid that wanted to play in the tree house but wasn’t invited. So back in June, I asked to join my partner at the driving range so that I can give it a try and see if I would like it.

First time on the driving range was frustrating. Swinging this iron rod at a small white ball seemed so darn pointless, if you can hit it at all, that is…and I wasn’t hitting. I was simply swinging at air.

I decided that I wasn’t going to give up, I was going to learn how to hit this stupid white ball with a stick, so I went back to the driving range a second time. Second time around, I had a little more success, for every 7 empty swings I was hitting 1, but this 1 wasn’t going anywhere beyond about 15 yards…nevertheless, having “improved” made me more determined to want to get better.

3rd and 4th time on the driving range, again with just a little more success. However, as an individual with selective ADD, I quickly found that standing in one spot and hitting balls became boring very quickly. I declared my boredom to my partner, and he suggested that we’d try an easy 9 holes next time.

And so we did. The Brae Ben Academy 9-hole par 3 course was my very first experience with the actual game of golf. My score was at an embarrassing 68 points, yet, it was so exciting! How silly is that??? I wanted to do it again.

So for the past 2 months, I’ve gone out on the course 6 times.3 9-holes and 3 18-holes. Until this week, I was using a loaner set of clubs. I decided that I loved this game so much that I actually plopped down a good chunk of change for my own set of clubs by Orlimar.

I now understand why golfers are in love with this game. It’s frustrating, challenging, yet, for some odd reason, the minute you hit a good shot, we get all excited, so you can’t help but to want to do it again. I have to admit, I have been bitten, I’m happy, but angry at the same time. I’m angry because it’s bloody addictive, and I loose so many balls…I have to go buy more balls.

Christmas is coming up guys, so you know what you can get me, balls and tees!


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