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Damn you CRA!

There are people who want to improve their lives so they do so by finding better paying jobs in hopes that they would have a better life and less debt, yet you punish these hard working people with their hard earned money with MORE taxes! Yet those with less income are rewarded with amples of tax refunds, in fact they qualify for additional credits and benefits otherwise not available to the rest of us.

So what exactly are you trying to tell me CRA? That I really should have just saved the hassle of working my ass off last year to increase my income by more than 25%? Yah, I think that’s what you’re saying.

Thanks a bunch for making it very clear that it’s perfectly ok not to work too hard, because in the end, you’ll just get raped.


In an effort to find ways to save on monthly costs, I’ve been scrutinizing at our expenses and hope to find paths to shave an extra dollar or two.

One of the expenses that I’ve been looking at is our internet and cable. We downgraded our cable service to just basic cable, no channels past 20. It was hard at first, but we got used to it after a couple of months.

I received an email from a friend that had recommended internet service from Acanac. In doing further research, I found that Acanac rents their lines from Bell. I called Acanac to find out more information on their first year promotion. $24.95 a month for one year seems like a great deal in comparison to what we were paying with Rogers, that’s until I found out that in order to have companies such as Acanac, and Bell Canada be the provider of your internet service, it is required that you to have an active land line, otherwise, you would need to pay around $10 to activate the dry line.

No offense Bell Canada, but the rise in popularity for ditching your land line in favour of your cell phone is going strong, so this means that more and more people won’t be signing up with Bell Canada.

So get with the program, Bell Canada, and stop trying to charge people to “activate” a dry line. When you do, let me know, and I’ll consider your services.


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