Sandy Chen

King of Persia

Posted on: January 18, 2010

That I’m not! I’m a huge fan of Persian food, and being a fan, I thought it would be cool and wise to try and make some of my favourite dishes, considering eating out all the time would be costly and harsh on the budget, girl’s got a mortgage you know, so every penny counts!

Today, I decided it was the perfect time to make ground beef kabab (a.k.a kabab koobideh in Farsi). I had bought these flat metal skewers that looked like a sword. The objective is to press the meat around the skewers.

The result: an epic fail! Ground beef kept falling apart from the skewer when we started cooking it on the b.b.q. You wouldn’t think pressing ground beed around a flat metal skewer would be difficult, but damn, it takes mad skillz!

Thank goodness I had some marinated b.b.q.chicken on the go as well, otherwise, the boys (Ryan and Leo) and I would have been left hungry tonight.

So based on tonight’s disaster, I think we’ll put Persian off to the side for a little while. Let’s move on to something less exotic, maybe chicken pot pie, or meat loaf…mind you, I’m Chinese, and grew up eating mostly Chinese food, so chicken pot pie and meat loaf is super exotic to me, but the white boy at home (Ryan) has made a special request, so I guess I’ll have to find good recipes for it. If you know of one, please feel free to pass it along!

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