Sandy Chen

New Year Off On The Wrong Foot.

Posted on: January 8, 2010

Most people I know wants to start their New Year off on the right foot, with resolutions such as “I want to loose some weight”, or “I want to quit smoking”. I too have the same resolutions, for example, my resolution is to actually start blogging, and make use of my own website, perhaps get adventurous and eventually move my site to and self host out of, I figure since I’m already paying for, then I ought to really make use of it instead of letting it just sit there and collect cyber dust.

So far, I guess if you’re a resolutions type of person, then you’d say I’ve started off my New Year totally on the wrong foot. For starters, I drank more booze in one weekend (first weekend of the New Year, might I add) than the month of December 09′ alone. I’ve never been much of a drinker in my early days of post secondary school, but I guess I’m a late bloomer. Recently, I’ve developed a liking to few great glasses of wine or a few pints of smooth delicious beer (or some Soho with gingerale) mind you, not to the point where I’m totally trashed that I end up puking and punching the ceiling tiles beliving that I’m one of the Super Mario Bros., but enough to give me a very happy buzz.

So is this a New Year off on the wrong foot? Maybe, maybe not.  One thing I do know, I would really like another glass of wine.

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